Tuesday, May 25

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Welcome & Opening Remarks

Casey Coleman | Senior Vice President for Digital Transformation, Salesforce Global Public Sector


Transforming Government Services Delivery in the 21st Century, Together

Monica Matthews | Director, Strategic Planning and Management of Human Capital, Department of Housing and Urban Development


Government agencies have been able to move fast, digitize and scale efficiently and effectively. Thanks to the transformational power of the Cloud, and modern infrastructure, learn how you can meet this challenge. In this session, hear from Director of Strategic Planning and Management of Human Capital, Monica Matthews, United States Department of Housing and Urban Development on how she worked to accelerate digitization and use technology to serve constituents.


Hear From Your Peers: Case Study-Palooza

Eva Skidmore | Vice President, Global Government Marketing, Salesforce


Hear from your peers who are making digital transformation a reality. In this 20-minute lightning-style session learning moment, we will hear two real-world stories from two public sector leading agencies. These Trailblazers who will share unique case studies that demonstrate a breadth of successful outcomes at the State, Local, Federal and DoD levels.


Building Trust & Improving Accountability: A Word From a Public Sector Champion

Rob Stein | Senior Vice President, North America Public Sector, Salesforce


In this Lightning talk, Salesforce North America Public Sector SVP Rob Stein will address the importance of the ‘Global Trust Imperative.’ Re-establishing trust across private and public partnerships has never been more important. Learn how Salesforce works with agencies in all sectors to bolster government resilience and accelerate transformation.


Modernizing IT: Make Government Agile & Scalable Using Enterprise Resource Planning Best Practices

Greg Little | Deputy Comptroller for Enterprise Data and Business Performance, Office of the Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller), Department of Defense

Mia Jordan | Chief Information Officer, Federal Student Aid, Department of Education

Tina Vidal-Duart | Chief Executive Officer, CDR Health

Jonathan Moak | Vice President, Strategy & Business Development, Salesforce; , Former Acting Comptroller of the U.S. Army


All Government sectors learned crucial lessons in 2020. As new resources and funding are being made available through the recently announced Technology Modernization Fund, hear from experts about key considerations for replacing legacy systems with a postmodern Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform.


Digital Distribution Strategies for Government, in Cloud

Sandy Carter | Vice President, Public Sector Partners and Programs, AWS

Brian Solis | Global Innovation Evangelist, Salesforce


Tune in to an in-depth conversation between Amazon Web Services leader Sandy Carter, and Innovation head at Salesforce, Brian Solis to hear how AWS customers used the latest technology to shape their pandemic response. These strategies now form the digital playbook of the future and will shape the future of government. From implementation of large-scale public projects to distribution management, to managing human capital and resources in a sustainable manner in an always-on environment, Carter and Solis will delve into the process of improving experiences for residents everywhere in the U.S. through proper planning and strong partnerships.


Closing Supply Chain Gaps: How Optimized Digital Delivery Can Improve Health Outcomes in a Post-Pandemic World

Dr. Geeta Nayyar | General Manager of Healthcare and Life Sciences and Executive Medical Director, Salesforce


Ensuring hospital emergency departments are prepared with the critical drugs patients need, one hundred percent of the time, can make all the difference. The pandemic has exposed glaring gaps in the healthcare supply chain. This discussion will address the application, development, and sourcing of critical drugs needed in emergency rooms across the country. We’ll also talk about the future of vaccine management, and how evolving supply chain management capabilities will improve outcomes for healthcare providers and retail operations.


Closing Remarks

Casey Coleman | Senior Vice President for Digital Transformation, Salesforce Global Public Sector